You Forgot These KiZi Games -

You Forgot These KiZi Games

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  1. part 2 i want to play that game a cow creating swords and bows for soliders wich they are animals too and you defeat a boss

  2. Never, I’ll never forget them they were my everything, even it’s because it’s my childhood memories.

  3. You forgot bug invasion or bug attack becuz its also the same yeah but these flash games arent playable and i didntalmost forgot anyhting

  4. this made me remember the "my best friend" game on kizi about a boy and a dog and it has a sad af storyline hidden within levels

  5. Hey doesn't anyone remember fighting hammer on kizi?

  6. especially duckilfe 1/2/3/OG 2012 version 4 that’s replaced with new one

  7. what game was about those little men in spec ops outfits i loved it so much cant find it

  8. I forgot the name of the game that has a blobs and colors,someone can help me?

  9. I still cant remember the name of a game in wich your plane crash and ur as some kind of ghost pilot and you gotta save the princess

  10. What's the one where you send over troops to attack the other side? There was like tons of different troops you could choose like mummies and stuff

  11. nah dont tell me u forgot strikeforce kitty cat

  12. Fire boy and water girl just brings me back man

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