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StrikeForce Kitty – Android Gameplay (By Kizi Games)

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The feline kingdom is in turmoil because the princess has been kidnapped by the sly fox gang. This is just the job for the StrikeForce Kitty!

The cat king has requested the aid of the protectors of the kingdom and you should be the one to lead them during this exciting rescue mission.

Take control of the 4-cat-army and give them a target to scratch other than the scratching post.

Keep your eyes and ears on the road and keep your tail high!

StrikeForce Kitty features 4 unique worlds filled with challenging levels and various enemies.

With cute graphics and witty storytelling, fight your way through entertaining levels to reach and rescue the princess.

Each one of your four cats has three stats: health, strength, and speed.

When you start the game, your characters won’t have any gear and they might be a little overwhelmed.

But don’t worry if you don’t survive your very first battle with those foxes!

As you beat your enemies and collect the fish crackers you see lying around while advancing through the map, you will receive points that you can spend on improving your cats’ stats!

Require internet connection : No (Offline)
Size : 96 MB
Date Released : 2019-06-14

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