Playing Theme Park Tycoon 2 for 24 HOURS *STRAIGHT* -

Playing Theme Park Tycoon 2 for 24 HOURS *STRAIGHT*

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In my channel, I play Theme Park Tycoon 2 on Roblox. It is super fun and addicting game where you can be creative and build your own theme parks and roller coasters!
It is 100% free to play, here is the link: …


  1. how do use the mode to move the perimitevs arrows?

  2. Its 24 minutes with small edits bro (atleast i think)

  3. Pls give me 100,000 Robux

  4. Kizy:we are not gonna use any money
    Also kizy:*uses disable collision *😂😂😂😂

  5. This was so cool to watch. I love the lands you built especially the castle set up. I can't do anything like that. Keep it up.

  6. Try and play my theme park tycoon two for 48 hours

  7. If my math is right, you spent 24hrs playing this game

  8. U say 24 hours but the video is actually 24 minutes long

  9. i have a money farm under my plot and i have nothing else, somehow i have 4 stars lol

  10. for the castle you should of the disney one lol

  11. "lets get rid of the supports those are a little annoying."

  12. this shit inspired me 😭 now i gotta hop on tpt and make a fancy park.. this is all ur fault

  13. It took me a year to make a big park in this game

  14. he said he would do no robux but disable closihon???

  15. my coaster got a 10 appearance but no one is willing to pay 40 dollars for it

  16. Hey kizy I think for the Nintendo park your making the roller coaster should be in a green pipe just an idea u don’t need to do it

  17. the fact that he stills keep that farm and just putted a thing pn it so the visitors are completely trapped

  18. welll i cant do the same thing as you u have collisons

  19. Only 7k? I have a money farm 20k per minute

  20. I started 2 days ago and i already made a huge park because of you

  21. i just feel uncomfortable with benches and trash cans infront of all the food drink etch stuff its just odd

  22. It would've been cool if you had a countdown from 24 hours, maybe in the top left

  23. 7 months after post also new sub

  24. The time is fake obveisly but good job I guss

  25. I went on the gravetron befor and i was so confused i was literally flying it was fun but confuseing but you should go on it i really like it so you should go no it and the runey tram and yes this is at wild wood peair 3

  26. the fact that he builds it in 24 hours and the video is 24 mins.

  27. you are cheathing disable conection is with robux

  28. I feel like money farms ruin the game ngl, the game is supposed to be a Theme Park. But the money farm kinda defeats the purpose of TPT2…

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