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Hey guys!! U dont know what u can play today? hmm.. play kizi! On kizi there is 50+ games!!!
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One more vid for today!!!!!!!
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  1. Does anyone remember the game where u were like a soldier or something and it had a campaign with cutscenes?

  2. I remember kizi a few years ago it was so much fun sadly it died..

  3. Shit gave my grandma’s computer a virus when I was 9 years old.

  4. does anyone know the name of the game with the two girls with the umbrella?

  5. any know the ame where ud have cats ad ud dress and kill foxes

  6. I miss this a lot, used to play this so much in since 2010 ish and i loved it so much

  7. Can I know what is that pencil man I play it but I dont know what is name

  8. Anyome remember that one creature with two legs you battled with agains some bugs or something, also that one fox game where you ran around as a fox and found those white foxes

  9. Anyone remember a game with a gorilla picture and the game was unlocking charachters and fighting

  10. idk y but out of no where i got flash backs of me playing kizi games like 6 + years ago anyone remember that game the logo was a orange circle thing with like 6 spikes with blue circles on the ends? im assuming legit noone remembers that game but ive been trying to find it

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