My Kizi: Virtual Pet - Android Gameplay HD -

My Kizi: Virtual Pet – Android Gameplay HD

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My Kizi is a cute and adorable virtual pet game for the whole family from the creators of Kizi Fun Games! Play, tame, clean, dress, feed and take care of your Kizi! Enjoy tons of exciting mini games and earn coins that will help you customize Kizi’s shirts, hats, shoes and much more!
* Customize – Dress Kizi and choose from tons of combinations of shirts, hats, shoes, glasses and much more!
* Nurture – Take care of Kizi by cleaning, feeding, playing with and putting him to sleep.
* Mini Games – Play games and overcome challenging quests to keep Kizi happy all the time.
* Different game zones – Including kitchen, closet, bedroom and bathroom!
* Photoshoot – Take a selfie picture of Kizi and share it with your friends.
* Store – Use your coins to buy fun items for your Kizi pet – water, soap, pills, food and much more!
Enjoy exciting and fun mini games and earn coins to buy different items, food, and much more!
* Yummy Rider – Help Kizi on is endless joyride to collect starts!
* Soap Pop – Cute bubbles game where you need to pop bubbles and collect locked coins!
* Sleep Keep – Smash space bugs who’s trying to wake Kizi from his deep space sleep.
* Snack’o’rama – Help Kizi get his food from his list at the vending machine!
* Ship Shuffle – Find out in which ship Kizi is hiding to earn coins.
* Tap Tap – Amazing pipes puzzle where you need to fix the pipes before the water starts running.
* Dream Catcher – Jump between stars and collect space ships inside Kizi’s wild dream!
* Studio Photoshoot – Dress up game where you can try out fun outfits and customize Kizi, take his selfie picture, and share all the fun with your friends.
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