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[Kizi Games] → Top 5 Papa’s Games

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Mike is sharing his top 5 Papa’s Games on Kizi! Papa’s games are awesome cooking games for boys and girls, available to play for free on Kizi.com! Which Papa’s game is your favorite? Share in the comments!

Play Papa’s Donuteria →
Play Papa’s Pizzeria →
Play Papa’s Sushiria →
Play Papa’s Cupcakeria →
Play Papa’s Freezeria →

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  1. my favorite is papa's freezeria and it's also easy…..

  2. Why no one talks about Cheeseria. 😩😩😩

  3. Also u can play it all on mobile it's free on aptoide app

  4. 5.papas Freezeria
    4.papas wingeria
    3.papas cheeseria
    2.papas pastaria
    1.papas donuteria

  5. My fav papa’s game is the freezeria 🍪🤗

  6. It just sucks that I can’t save any profiles as a back up on kizi

  7. Mine:
    5) Wingeria (HD)
    4) Scooperia (HD)
    3) Pancakeria (HD)
    2) Freezeria (HD)
    1) Donuteria (To Go!)

  8. here is a list of papa Louis game
    1.papa donuteria
    2.papa pizzeria
    3.papa sushiria
    4.papa cupcakeria
    5.papa freezeria

  9. my favorite minigames all papa's game are types of shot games

  10. You forgot to include the Burgeria, that one is epic!!

  11. My Favorite is Papa's Pastaria HAHAHAAH but i can't install it anymore because it's too old(?) Well, my phone said that.

  12. how t play papas without flash

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