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Dynamons [Pokemon] – RPG by Kizi Android Gameplay #1 [HD]

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Dynamons [Pokemon] – RPG by Kizi Android Gameplay 1080p HD

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Dynamons is a unique role-playing game from the creators of Kizi Games! Train and win epic battles by using powerful skills. Recruit the most powerful creatures and attack your enemies to evolve and become stronger!
★Discover the amazing world of Dynamons!★

✔ Capture and evolve dozens of unique creatures.
✔ Power up your Dynamon’s skills.
✔ Develop a strategy plan to win the most challenging battles.
✔ super cool graphics, beautiful animations, and addictive gameplay!

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  1. Sad this game is not available now 😢😢😢😢.

  2. lol I remember playin this back in 2016

  3. bjr a vous j'aimerais savoir s'il y'aura des évolutions dans dynamons car j'adore ce jeu et ça serais vraiment cool qu'il y'est des évolutions

  4. je joue également aussi à dynamons 2 et g tjrs pas vue d évolutions mis à part les pierres ki renforce les stats mais g pas vue d évolution de monstres y en a t il dans dynamons 2

  5. eres un pendejo capturados al mismo dynamon 3 veses

  6. no meu canal Gamer Turtorias tem com deixar o game infinito

  7. por que ninguém concorda que digimon não é cópia de pokemon só porque digimon vem de um ovo e crescem pra min digimon e cópia de. pokemon

  8. meu jemmpy é nivel 17 meu menza nivel 15

  9. Bro pokemon sun and moon pay make plz🙏🙏🙏😊😊

  10. Where can i found lampion i can't find it

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