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2 Player Game but Kizi Sings It [RESKIN]

The Krissy
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I love how this turned out 🙂

I’m probably going to do the other Funk Mix songs too. Step into the enchanting world of the amazing digital circus main protagonist, where innovation and imagination converge to create a virtual wonderland like no other.

Kizi Sprite & Note Reskin (Replace the OG files with these):

Discord: The Krissy (3146)

SMB Funk Mix DX:


  1. It’s that Linguini guy’s time!

  2. AMAZING SPRITES! I freaking love the cover too!

  3. FUCKING AMAZING BRO 100000000000000000000/10 NO, INF/10 BRAVO!

  4. this is so cool
    also smol kizi haha

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